Committed to seeing lives transformed

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Dahl & Melissa McDermitt

Founders of The Refuge

Dahl and Melissa co-founders and leaders of The Refuge House for Ladies. Dahl, a retired GBI Agent and State Trooper who was enslaved by alcohol and other sins was delivered in 2006 by the Lord and called into the ministry  and with his wife Melissa founded the Refuge Church in 2012 and the Ladies ministry in 2015.

 Jennifer Hinderer

Ladies  House Leader

Jennifer, a graduate of the Refuge House for Ladies House is a

house leader at The Refuge. The Lord Jesus has saved her, and delivered her from addiction and she shares that with other ladies. Alison has a passion to see ladies set free.

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 Casey Meadows

 Ladies House Leader


Casey  graduated from the Refuge and  serves  Jesus at The Refuge as the leader of The Refuge House. We are blessed to have Casey. She has such a passion and love for Jesus.' Tm a