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Psalm 18:30
30 This God—his way is perfect; the word of the LORD proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.

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God is able if we are willing! If the  ladies will totally surrender themselves to the Lord He will do more in and for them (Eph 3:20) than they can imagine. We want to be that Refuge while that happens.

•a refuge where broken and hurting ladies are remade into vessels of honor;

•refuge of love, safety, comfort and compassion;

•a refuge with a great support system, encouragers and accountability

•a refuge of separation, free from the stress and worries of life, while inner healing and change take place;

•a place for the mind to be renewed, where stinking thinking is replaced with the truth of who we are according to God’s Word.


There is no monetary cost to the resident to enter but there is a price to pay. The ideal candidate should be between 21 and 45 years of age, be ready to do whatever it takes to leave the life of addiction etc. behind. She must be willing to to invest 7 to 12 months of life to find out her purpose in life.

The process: Call the number below to schedule a phone pre-interview and possibly a face to face interview.

It is best if the applicant is the one that calls. If they are not available others may contact us. We are a Christ-centered ministry. We are 100% God funded.

Contact Us

 Phone: 478-374-3328

Alternate: 478-231-1215




 The Refuge House for Ladies is a 6300 sq feet home with private bedrooms with a shared bathroom for privacy. The home is equipped to house up to 12 ladies, plus leaders. The Refuge House is a place of healing, restoration and growth, relying on God's word to guide us. The home is located in the   Eastman, Georgia. The Lord has provided this Refuge through many loving and generous friends who desire to see ladies restored and equipped to be who God planned for them to be all along.

 Please watch the video to see what the Lord has done, will do and is doing! If you know someone who needs a REAL transformation and they are willing please let us know. If you are led to partner with God and the Refuge, praise Jesus.  We are 100% God funded .

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